The Zhengzhou University President Scholarship 2024/2025


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The Zhengzhou University President Scholarship 2024/2025: The Zhengzhou University President Scholarship 2024/2025 is open for International students worldwide.

Obtaining the Zhengzhou University President Scholarship is highly competitive. This prestigious scholarship offers comprehensive funding, covering expenses such as airfare tickets, meals, healthcare, accommodation, stipends, and other associated costs.

The scholarship provides an excellent opportunity for students to pursue their education at one of the world’s top-ranked universities.

The Zhengzhou University President Scholarship 2024/2025 Eligibility.

The Scholarship is open to all International students irrespective of background, nationality, sexual orientation, or religion.

Financial Coverage for the Zhengzhou University President Scholarship 2024/2025.

If you need help paying for college, the Stanford University Scholarship can make it easier for you.

Here’s how it works:

  • Masters: Full or Partial tuition
  • PhD: Full tuition, Accommodation and stipend

What are the required documents for the Zhengzhou University President Scholarship 2024/2025?

The required documents needed for the Zhengzhou University President Scholarship include;

  • CV and Passport (should be valid for at least one more year).
  • Original copies of degree certificates and complete transcripts of both undergraduate and postgraduate studies (applicants should additionally submit study certificates or employment certificates issued by the applicants’ schools if the applicants are students or employed).
  • Documents in neither Chinese nor English must be attached with a notarized Chinese or English translations
  • The statement of research interest and research proposal. In general, a statement of research interest should include your reasons for undertaking work at ZZU. In contrast, a research proposal should include the background, the objectives, and the methodology or approach you propose in studying the subject matter. The minimum word limit for the proposal is 2000. Proper referencing is needed in the preparation of research proposals. Applicants are strongly suggested to contact their potential supervisor to discuss the research proposal before submission. The result of the plagiarism check will be considered when the Department, Faculty, and Graduate School review the application. The application may be deemed unsuccessful if plagiarized materials are identified.
  • Two recommendation letters from professors who know you well, and the letter should have their contact email and phone number.
  • Official score report of HSK, TOEFL, IELTS, or other language proficiency tests.
  • Physical examination record. Foreigner Physical Examination Form with blood test reports in Chinese or English. It is valid only for 6 months. Please make sure it is still valid when we assess your application.
  • Original or notarized copies of no criminal certificate.
  • Other documents, e.g. list of publications, documentary evidence of academic awards and professional qualifications, and summary of relevant experience.
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How do you apply for the Zhengzhou University President Scholarship?

The procedure for applying for the  Zhengzhou University President Scholarship is conducted online, so be sure to visit the admission website for more information and to apply.

Visit the Zhengzhou University website to apply.

Application Deadline.
The application has not started. While the application deadline is currently unknown, it’s never too early to start preparing and gathering the necessary documents to increase your chances of being awarded this prestigious scholarship.

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