The Herchel Smith Scholarship Harvard 2024/2025


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The Herchel Smith Scholarship Harvard 2024/2025: The Herchel Smith Scholarship Harvard 2024/2025 is open for International students worldwide.

Obtaining the Herchel Smith Scholarship at Harvard is highly competitive. This prestigious scholarship offers comprehensive funding, covering expenses such as airfare tickets, meals, healthcare, accommodation, stipends, and other associated costs.

The scholarship provides an excellent opportunity for students to pursue their education at one of the world’s top-ranked universities.

The Herchel Smith Scholarship Harvard 2024/2025 Eligibility.

The Herchel Smith fellowships are designed to support and motivate exceptional Harvard graduates who possess remarkable academic ability and research potential in the fields of science.

The aim is to inspire them to pursue further studies at the esteemed Cambridge University. Fellowship programs are offered at Emmanuel College, where awardees are encouraged to engage in studies that will prepare them for a Ph.D. degree in various areas, including mathematics, natural sciences, physical sciences, and applied sciences.

Financial Coverage for the Herchel Smith Scholarship Harvard 2024/2025.

If you need help paying for college, the Stanford University Scholarship can make it easier for you.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each fellowship pays all fees, tuition, and lodging for one year (Michaelmas, Lent, and Easter Terms), as well as a stipend to cover additional expenses and transportation

What documents are required for the Herchel Smith Scholarship Harvard 2024/2025?

The required documents needed for the Herchel Smith Scholarship Harvard include;

  • APPLICATION FORM: Complete the online CARAT information, which will be compiled and displayed as your application cover sheet.
  • CURRENT RESUME: Indicate activities, achievements, and experiences in college that demonstrate your interests and potential achievements. Do not exceed one page.
  • CURRENT UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT: Download your unofficial transcript from
  • PROPOSAL: In 1,000 words or less, explain your reasons for seeking this fellowship and the plans you have for using it. Your essay should also address the special suitability of the University of Cambridge for these plans.
  • UNIVERSITY APPLICATION RECEIPT: PROOF OF APPLICATION SUBMISSION OR START OF APPLICATION: Provide a copy of the email receipt that indicates your application for graduate admission to the University of Cambridge has been submitted. The graduate program stated in the admission receipt must match the program for which you are seeking Herchel Smith fellowship support. If you have not yet submitted your graduate program application to the University of Cambridge at the time of application to this fellowship, you must provide proof that you have started the application in the graduate admission portal (e.g. a screenshot of your started graduate application will be sufficient.).  Applicants should review the postgraduate admission and offer a timeline of the University of Cambridge here:
  • TWO LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: These letters should comment on the suitability of your proposed plan of study as well as on any relevant personal attributes. At least one letter should be from an instructor in your field. Letters should be addressed to “The Herchel Smith Harvard Scholarship Selection Committee” and submitted online by your recommenders, following instructions they will receive once you designate them.
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How do you apply for the Herchel Smith Scholarship Harvard?

The procedure for applying for the Herchel Smith Scholarship Harvard is conducted online, so be sure to visit the admission website for more information and to apply.

Visit the  Harvard University website to apply.

Application Deadline.
The application has not started. While the application deadline is currently unknown, it’s never too early to start preparing and gathering the necessary documents to increase your chances of being awarded this prestigious scholarship.

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