Zaron Xmas Sales – Product Tips and Tricks

Hey Zaronistas!! What’s glowing?!

It’s the holiday season and we know you’ve heard of the ZARON XMAS SALES.
That’s right! Throughout the month of December 2018, Zaron Cosmetics brings you massive sales nationwide! We’re talking price slashes of up to 60% on selected products, lots of gifts and freebies, buy-one-get-one-free pencils and tons of love and cheer!
To make sure you get the most out of the sale items, we’ve decided to give you a few tips and tricks on each item;

1. Mattifying Powder [Available in shades ZZ 40 & ZZ 45]

One thing we love about the Mattifying powder is its ability to control oil.
The Mattifying powder is perfect for our oily skinned Zaron Babes as it actively resists shine. It’s also non-comedogenic, SPF 30 and Lightweight. It’s the perfect product for the African weather.


2. Stick Concealers [Available in 5 shades]

The Zaron Stick Concealers are cream based concealers which can be used for a variety of makeup practices such as highlighting, contouring, covering up acne scars and skin discolourations.
To get the best out of stick Concealers when concealing acne scars and discolourations, firstly use a shade of concealer darker than your skin tone, then build on it with a shade that is your perfect match.

3. Moisturizing Lipsticks [Available in 13 shades], Eclypse Lipstick [Available in 8 shades] and Ultrashine Lipgloss [Available in 6 Shades]


To get the best out of your moisturised and glossy lipsticks (especially the lighter shades), make sure your lips aren’t cracked or chapped before application. This is because, when your lips are dry or cracked, they interfere with the application of the lippie.

Moisturised and glossy lips are a classic that have stood the test of time. Zaron lippies offer a wide array of moisture and gloss from the mildly moisturised (Moisturizing Lipstick) to the extra glossy (Ultrashine Lipgloss).



4. Matte Lipstains [Available in 16 Shades] and Matte Lipsticks [Available in 14 Shades]

Matte Lippies are easily a makeup fan’s favourite.



They’re lightweight, long staying and they glide on really smooth.
To make the most of your matte lippies, use a lip brush.

Lip brushes are the perfect tool for applying matte lippies because they offer an ease of definition. That is to say, they make it easy to follow the true definition of your lips making lippies look more contained and attractive.


5. Perfect Blend Cream to Powder Foundation [Available in 9 Shades]

The Perfect Blend Cream to Powder is a lightweight, full coverage foundation which offers a powdered up finish.
This foundation offers a wide array of functions as it can act as both a foundation and a concealer. Whether it’s highlighting your eyebrows, cheekbones or contouring your face, the Perfect Blend Cream to Powder is up to the task!


6. New Eyebrow Definer

The Zaron New Eyebrow Definer is easily a product favourite. Complete with a brow gel, brow powder and highlighter, it’s all you’ll ever need to get your brows done! Did we mention it also comes with a mascara wand and angle brush? We’re sold!

The highlighter is in cream form and to make it easier to apply, you could use your finger to warm up the highlighter before scooping up to apply. To warm it up, simply glide your finger across its surface before use.