What acts as an eye primer dupe (subsitute), is great for blurring dark circles, covering hyper pigmentation, perfecting eyeliner wings, defining brows, contouring, lid disco(loration)…yes, it’s an endless list.

All hail the queen of multi-use makeup product – the Zaron Cosmetics Stick Concealer.


With its rich creamy, long lasting, crease proof formula, the Zaron Cosmetics stick concealer is definitely a must-have product for beginners and pros alike. It can be used for a variety of purposes…it is basically the magic wand of makeup products. One swipe and it’s good bye to hyper pigmentation and dark circles.

We all have our days where we struggle to get our wings right (yes, even the pros), well, no need to fret as our stick concealer which comes in 5 wonderful shades can help you correct and straighten your wing.

Oops! Out of eye primer but need your eye shadow popping? Well, you guessed it! Zarons’ stick concealers can be used as a dupe. Just apply as you would your eye primer and boom! You’re good to go.

Just when you think it could not get any better…for just N800, you too can enjoy all the benefits of having the Zaron Cosmetics Stick Concealer in your makeup purse!