It’s incredibly amazing how getting your brows right/ wrong truly determines your final look.

No matter how blended your foundation, powder or blush is…your brows have the final say.

You might be going for a subtle ‘no-makeup’ look or a full face beat…your brows need to be 100% on point.

Personally, of all the facets of my makeup routine, I spend the longest time on my brows…even when I’m just wearing powder!

I’m sure I don’t need to go on about the importance of this thin stretch of hair that nest just above our eyes…you get it right!

Zaron understands 😊

That’s why we developed our ‘New Brow Definer’

Fill, sculpt and highlight unruly brows and frame your face with our 3IN1 Eyebrow Definer, it comes with an eyebrow shadow, gel and a highlighter – for tidying the underneath of your brows and giving more definition… This multi-benefit product also comes with a brow brush and an applicator!

No need to scramble for your concealer or a darker/ lighter pencil or shadow shade…it’s all there in one palette! Plus more

So it’s really a 5IN1 product… but who’s counting.

Our easy to use eyebrow kit is perfect for creating fuller, more defined and long lasting eyebrows with gel and powder formulas that may be used alone or together.

Hurry to your nearest Zaron outlet to get yours! Perfect brows are @ N2,045 away!