The rains are slowing down and slowly but surely, the dry weather will creep in

One of my biggest worries during this period are my lips…oh the cracking and drying and chapping and flaking!

Constantly reaching for my lip balm, the problem arises when I have lipstick on.

Lip balms tend to shift lipsticks….if only there was something that could give my lips color while moisturizing them…….

Tah! Dah! Zaron comes through yet again.

Our moisturizing lipsticks have the right amount of moisture (and everything, really) so your lips don’t feel too heavy and yet they stay well protected from drying out… it’s a win-win situation.

Zaron lipsticks are great to wear just as they are or you could create better definition with our rangeoflip liners…

With 13 wonderful hydrating shades to choose from, you are certainly covered for any occasion or mood. Did I mention that they’re quality at an affordable price?

Hurry to your nearest Zaron outlet and grab yours, you can also shop Zaron on