Cleaning makeup brushes may not seem like the most glamorous of tasks, but it’s something that should always be a part of your regular beauty routine. Just think about all the dirt and oil that accumulates on those bristles and how terribly it could affect your skin. Using unclean and unwashed makeup brushes can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Not only will cleaning your brushes keep bacteria off your face, but it will save the condition of those brushes.

All you need to grab is some baby shampoo and those makeup brushes that are ready to be cleaned. This tutorial is quick and easy but very effective.

First, run your brush bristles under lukewarm water. Make sure to keep the bristles pointing downwards, avoiding the area where the handle meets the head. If water gets in there, it can loosen the glue that holds the bristles together!

Next, dispense a small amount of baby shampoo into the palm of your hand. About a nickel-sized amount should do the trick.

Now, swirl the brush bristles into the baby shampoo until it creates a rich lather.

After you feel you’ve worked out the dirt and oil that has been trapped in the bristles, rinse the brush head under lukewarm water again.

Squeeze the excess water out of the brush by pulling it in between your thumb and the side of your index finger. If the water that is released is dirty, go ahead and repeat the cleansing process again. Once the water runs clear, you know you’ve done a good job and can move on to the next step.

Use a cloth or a paper towel to dry off the bristles, reshaping them as you go.

Lay your brushes flat and sundry.

That’s it! Next time you think your brush has seen better days, think twice before running out to buy a new one. Try giving this cleaning method a go first!