Trends come and go, but one make-up product that will never go out of style?

Liquid Eye Liners.

They have the power to change your entire look…for better or for worse

Zaron’s HD Liquid Eye Liner should be your number one, when it comes to liquid eye liners.

(Why? You ask)

Let’s see what our in house crew has to say;

Why recommend the HD Liquid Eye Liner?


Nonso: …Because it has a true black finish, dries very quickly so no smudging and its applicator is A1.

Mimi: …Well, it is true to its name i.e it is high definition, it gives your eye an intense pop and of course, it is easy to use.

Ose: (Laughs) Our HD Liquid Liner is very precise with a true black colour, getting a perfect winged eyeliner is so much easier with this product…

Ebony: Hmmm…my eye makeup is so important to me, so I use the HD Liquid Eye Liner because it is easy to use and very long-lasting, no worries about smudging or flaking.

Odot: I actually use it every day! It’s my go-to eye liner. It’s so easy to apply, lightweight and waterproof too.

Deola: Well, as a makeup artist, I go for the HD Liquid Eye Liner because of its intensity (True Black)

Onyinye: Talk about a liquid eye liner that is easy to use, jet black, fast drying, waterproof…(laughs) I can go on and on o.

Well, from the feedback we have gotten, we recommend our HD Liquid Eye Liner because it is easy to use, long lasting but fast drying. It also gives you a jet black finishing, allowing your eyes stand out, as they should.

Hurry and get yours at your nearest Zaron outlet and say hello! to bold eyes.