Dear Zaron Distributors,

Greetings from Head Office!

We trust that this email meets you well and you thrive despite the prevailing economic situation.

Early in February this year, we had to increase product prices across board due to the incessant rise of the Dollar. Hoping to forestall the times and having exhausted every other option, the price increase became unavoidable. Thankfully, the dollar declined a bit and although it’s still way higher than it were, it seems to have pegged its rate at an average price. This gladdened our hearts and we rejoiced over the transition knowing that Nigerians do not need further sanctions in these trying times.

Many have worried about increasing prices and then reducing them again within such a short space of time but we reckon it’s better to cut down on our profits and be more sensitive to the economic situation of Nigerian consumers and as long as we are reducing the pressure on the people then we have not failed. Our priority is the people.

These are trying times in our beloved country Nigeria and Zaron understands that the people do not desire or deserve insensitivity on the part of her homegrown brands. We stand for ‪#‎BuyNaija‬ knowing that we know better than most how the rise and/or fall of the Dollar affects our businesses.

Zaron understands
Zaron cares
Zaron stands with the people.