Get these Zaron Powders

We present the Zaron Mattifying Compact Powder and the Zaron Maxi Blend Compact Powder.

Both Compact, both Lightweight, both non comedogenic and both contain SPF.

What’s the difference then you might ask….
The Mattifying Compact Powder offers medium-full coverage while the Maxi Blend Compact Powder offers full coverage as it is foundation/powder formula.

Both Powders are long lasting and perfect for all day wear.

The Maxi-Blend Compact powder comes in 7 shades; we are pretty sure you would find a shade that suits you.


If you currently use the Zaron Mattifying Powder and you’re looking to try the Maxi-Blend Powder, here’s a guide:

XZ05 – ZZ10, ZZ 15 & lighter
XZ10 – ZZ15, ZZ20
XZ15 – ZZ 20, ZZ60
XZ20 – ZZ60, ZZ65
XZ25 – ZZ 30, ZZ25
XZ30 – ZZ35, ZZ40
XZ35 – ZZ40, ZZ45 & ZZ50


Pro Tip: Use alone over the Zaron face primer or for a more flawless finish, use over the Zaron Healthy Glow Foundation!


Have you tried the Maxi-Blend Powder? Would you be trying it? Lets us know in the comment section!