The Zaron Story

ZARON is a leading global cosmetics brand for the woman of colour; and mostly admired for her products, partnerships, and performance.

Conceived in Leeds, United Kingdom in  2010, ZARON began trading in September of 2011 under the names of Zaron International Limited, Zaron Cosmetics Limited and  Zaron Hair Limited.

ZARON provides an assortment of cosmetic products carefully formulated to suit diverse women of colour (WOC) living under different environmental conditions.

ZARON products are manufactured according to international standards in an environmentally sustainable manner to deliver consistency, quality and value to consumers in ways that accentuate physical beauty, engender inner satisfaction and  self-esteem.

ZARON products are solely distributed from its head office situated in Ikoyi, Lagos, and sold via over 1,000 distributors through franchises established in over 30 different locations both in Nigeria and across Africa.

In line with our Vision to be one of the leading lifestyle brands of choice for all people of style, we aspire to contribute to improving the quality of lives of people by developing and distributing quality and affordable lifestyle products that enhance confidence and inner peace.